Google Link Wheel: Make Google Happy and you’ll rank!

Our link wheel SEO technique mentioned our Google link wheels. Here’s more information so you can be a bit more informed:

Google is a gold mine for SEO sites. To make a lot of money, you need to be able to rank quickly and easily. In the past it has been VERY easy to rank. Throw ANY links to your site in quantity and you would be first page.

Google link wheel
If you have high quality link wheels pointing to your target site Google will be happy.

Not the case any more.

Why? The people at Google isn’t stupid. They are always updating the algorithm! They are improving all the time to keep bring users the best results for their searches.

That is why crappy SEO doesn’t work anymore!

One technique that is STILL working like a bomb is the Google Link Wheel, especially niche sites using link wheels to rank. That is because it is SEO that Google loves because it has authority, looks natural and is relevant!

Some people say that this Google Linkwheel is a “wonder wheel”, while some argue that you’ll get SEO penalties. You will get penalised IF YOUR LINK WHEEL SETUP IS WRONG!

A complex link wheel is all you need to shoot your rankings through the roof!

Don’t let Google play with you any longer. Give them what they want, and you’ll achieve your desired results: RANKING TOP 3 ON THE FIRST PAGE AND MAKING BANK!

See SEO Optimization Services to help you on your way!


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